Syngenta's Garst brand ends in 2014

Syngenta's Garst brand ends in 2014

Syngenta just announced that it will end the Garst name and rebrand it with Golden Harvest in 2014.

Say good bye to the Garst brand of corn. Syngenta just announced that it will end the Garst name and rebrand it with Golden Harvest in 2014. The company has a new Golden Harvest logo that it will roll out on next year’s hybrids.

The Garst name in one form or another has been on a seed bag since 1927, according to Colin Steen, Syngenta’s head of the dealer channel. Syngenta purchased both Garst and Golden Harvest brands in 2004. Since then, Syngenta seed dealers have sold both brands of hybrids as well as the NK Brand of soybeans.

“We are refreshing and rebranding our corn that we sell through our Syngenta Seed Advisors,” Steen says. “It includes a new logo for Golden Harvest and numbering system. And the Garst brand will be no longer.

“For us, it took a long time to make the decision,” he adds. “We have a lot of respect for the heritage of both brands. The new logo pays respect to the legacy brands, bringing them together in a new look.”

The NK brand of corn will continue to be sold exclusively through retail stores.

Expanded role for Seed Advisors

At the same time, Syngenta has expanded the role of its Seed Advisors who sell Golden Harvest hybrids and NK Brand soybean seed. The Syngenta Seed Advisors will take on an advisory role with customers by having discussions with them on all aspects of crop production.

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Steen says many Seed Advisors have been providing this type of help to their customers.

Between the streamlined brands of seed and growing the Syngenta Seed Asvisors network, Steen says Syngenta is poised to offer customers the right products, service and expertise in the future.

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