Producers making seed decisions earlier

Early indications are that producers are moving up their buying timeline for corn and soybean seed, industry experts say. An early harvest, combined with strong commodity prices, is fueling a surge in order activity.

“Early order activity is strong,” says Terry Gardner, North America Product Marketing Director for Pioneer. “Producers are finishing up harvest, and they are ready to buy inputs.”

Buying seems to be matching the rapid harvest pace, and experts indicate that the newest products will likely see the most demand, which means waiting could mean missing out.

“We have a fair amount of growers who have already placed orders,” says Chuck Lee, head of corn and soybean marketing for Syngenta. “While there will always be some adjustments later in the year, our orders are considerably ahead of what we normally see this time of year.”

Brian Humphries, national sales manager for Wyffels Hybrids, says that in a normal year about 95 percent of the company’s sales are completed and orders are reserved by Christmas. “This year, I think we’ll reach that level by Thanksgiving.” 

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