Next generation corn rootworm trait from Syngenta

If all goes as planned, producers will have a new corn rootworm trait available for the control of Western corn rootworm, Northern corn rootworm and Mexican corn rootworm.

Syngenta Seeds has submitted to the USDA a petition for the deregulation of Event 5307, which has demonstrated resistance to corn rootworm in Syngenta trials. This protein binds differently in the gut of target insects than the protein in Syngenta’s Agrisure RW corn rootworm trait. Once approved, Event 5307 will provide Syngenta with the opportunity to create proprietary trait stacks with multiple modes of action against corn rootworms.

Syngenta will stack Event 5307 with its Agrisure Viptera trait, its Agrisure RW trait and traits with multiple modes of action against European corn borer, to create a reduced refuge stack, the Agrisure Viptera 3222 E-Z refuge stack, the company’s refuge-in-a-bag product.

This trait stack is anticipated to be available in 2014 following receipt of all U.S. regulatory and key import market approvals. It will feature multiple modes of action on all major above- and below-ground corn insects and a 5% refuge in the Corn Belt. Syngenta plans to make additional regulatory submissions to the Environmental Protection Agency and Food and Drug Administration, as well as key export countries to gain the necessary regulatory approvals.

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