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Win a test drive

If you've always wanted to test drive a new ATV, utility vehicle or pickup truck, here's your chance. Farm Industry News is planning to run its popular ATV/UV and pickup truck rodeo this summer. Farmers will test drive and evaluate the vehicles, and we will report the results in the magazine.

We're looking for additional drivers from our farm readership to help test drive the new machines. If you are a full-time farm operator, you're eligible to enter the random drawing for drivers. If we draw your name, we'll pay the expenses for the four to five days you will spend in Minneapolis, MN, while testing the vehicles. However, we will not pay the expenses you incur in traveling to Minneapolis.

Let us know if you're interested. Write to us and tell us your name, full address, phone number, job title (owner/operator, co-owner, or farm employee), age, e-mail address, and whether you own a pickup truck or ATV. Send a letter to Farm Industry News, 7900 International Dr., Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55425, call 800/722-5334, or send an e-mail to [email protected].

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