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THE NEW Hitachi C12LDH 12-in. dual compound miter saw has both a laser marker to line up the cut and an LCD display to quickly and accurately set both the bevel and miter angles. The user can adjust the laser marker from the right or the left of the cut mark. Laser marks are projected even when the blade is not spinning.

The saw is powered by a 15-amp motor with 1,950W of maximum output power. It cuts miters of up to 52∞ both right and left, with bevels of up to 48∞ in both directions. Micro bevel adjustments allow precise adjustment without the weight of the saw head compromising accuracy.

The saw's horizontal handle is coated with an elastomer compound to reduce vibration, add comfort and prevent slippage. Its large base provides better support and balance to prevent material from warping.

The saw weighs 47.4 lbs. and is 24⅝ in. wide, 27 in. high and 3023/32 in. deep.

The suggested retail price is $399. A model without an LCD display also is available. Contact Hitachi Power Tools, Dept. FIN, 3950 Steve Reynolds Blvd., Norcross, GA 30093, 800/829-4752, visit or, or circle 192.

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