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Keep a closer eye on your fields

Three new WatchDog weather stations help you monitor rainfall, wind, temperature and more.

Each station is a portable data collector that can be attached to a fence post in a field and left to collect data for months. The data can be checked in the field or downloaded onto your PC.

Model 600 records wind, temperature and rainfall. The 700 records wind speed and direction, temperature, rainfall and relative humidity. The 900ET collects information on evapotranspiration, wind speed and direction, wind chill, dew point, solar radiation, air temperature, relative humidity and rainfall. Prices: 600, $795; 700, $995; 900ET, $1,495.

Contact Spectrum Technologies Inc., Dept. FIN, 23839 W. Andrew Rd., Plainfield, IL 60544, 800/248-8873.

Travel tracker

Get detailed records of vehicle use with the TravelEyes2.

The device mounts anywhere in a vehicle and automatically records the number of stops the vehicle makes, the length of time at each stop, routes the vehicle takes (with street names), and mileage. It uses GPS signals and software to collect the information, which can be viewed on a computer screen, overlaid on a map or printed in reports.

The device can be used to record tax deductible mileage, keep track of maintenance schedules or confirm employees' use of vehicles.

Price: $399.95. Contact Advanced Tracking Technologies Inc., Dept. FIN, 6001 Savoy, Suite 505, Houston, TX 77036, 800/279-0035.

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