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New poly gatherer shield from GVL

A new series of poly gatherer shields called the Corn Saver series is now available from GVL Poly. The Corn Saver features a totally new design that allows a smooth flow of cornstalks, ears and kernels so that a maximum amount of corn is saved during harvest, according to GVL.

The poly snout is now sleeker in design and more rounded to allow a better flow of stalks. Ear deflectors are included at the back of the snouts so rubber deflectors do not need to be installed. The incorporated deflectors redirect loose cobs to the gathering chain and auger.

The back poly is also round and smooth. GVL says they are designed that way to help direct even the smallest kernels to the auger to help save on crop loss. A unique feature of the poly back is a dome design near the auger. No matter how high the header is set or how it is angled, material, including cobs, kernels and stocks, is not hung up.
The Corn Saver is available in 20-in./22-in. center rows and in a variety of colors. Price: $439/row. Contact GVL at 888/485-8411 or visit

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