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New Class 10 combine from Claas

Need a combine with more throughput capacity? Meet the Lexion 770, the largest in the new 700 series of combines from Claas. Rated at 523 hp, this Class 10 machine provides the largest surface area for threshing and separation than any combine in the industry, according to Scott Wellensiek, product manager for Claas of America. “Couple that with the most dynamic cleaning shoe, which allows you to save that grain,” he says. “More grain in the tank, more money in the bank.”

Features include a new deluxe cab, fully independent track suspension system (with a 25-mph option on 750TT), two new chopper options to manage residue, an upgraded electric/hydraulic system, and an enhanced Claas electronic on-board information system (CEBIS) that allows for total machine control, remote monitoring, and Claas telematics for fleet management.

Suggested list price for the Corn Package model: $600,770. For more information, visit

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