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Coming soon: Super-sized combines

This month several machinery manufacturers will launch new series of combines for 2011. AGCO Corporation, for one, has given “teasers” all year about a new “super-sized” version of its Gleaner R series, known for its transverse or crosswise-positioned rotor.

AGCO product marketing manager Kevin Bien says the new series, called the Super Seven or S7 for short, will build on the core technologies of its existing R6 series (see cover story on page 8). But it will offer more capacity to make it suitable for today’s higher-yielding crops.

Farm Industry News, along with other ag journalists, got a sneak peak of the new series in July, prior to its public launch this month at the Farm Progress Show. We’ll give you a full report on the combine specs (for this and other new series) in coming months.

In the meantime, you can view spy shots of the S7 prototype, taken by photographer Richard Tatarski, by clicking Here. The shots were taken this summer in Texas and Oklahoma wheat fields, where the S7 ran head-to-head with other brands to compete on loss levels, fuel use, and overall ability to get the crop in.

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