AGCO introduces Gleaner S7 series combines, RoGators, disc harrow, AgCommand

AGCO introduces Gleaner S7 series combines, RoGators, disc harrow, AgCommand


The manufacturer well known for its acquisitions of other manufacturers now wants to be known for its new technology. To prove it, AGCO recently rolled out enough new high-tech equipment to justify renting a hall in the St. Paul, MN, convention center to show it off to the media.

AGCO’s Senior Vice President Garry Ball spoke about the company’s growth strategy that switched from acquisitions to technology development in 2004. The switch occurred after AGCO purchased Valtra, a Finland tractor manufacturer. Ball says Valtra was the last major company AGCO could buy and still receive antitrust clearance from the U.S. Justice Department.

During its acquisitions phase, AGCO spent its financial resources on the consolidation of products, Ball says. Now the company is focused on technology. This year, AGCO will spend $240 million on product development compared to $100 million in 2004. 

“Before 2004, it was rare for AGCO to file for a patent,” Ball says. “Now we have over 100 applications filed a year and that number is growing by 25% each year.”

Some of the best AGCO technology now available, according to Ball, includes the continuously variable transmission (CVT) from Fendt, the e3 engine technology for Interim Tier 4, and the new Gleaner combine technology.

Here are some of the new products and technologies introduced by AGCO at its recent launch in St. Paul.


Gleaner S7 series combines

AGCO engineers have redesigned parts of the Gleaner combine the past three years. The finale arrives now as the S7 series transverse rotor combine. This new series boasts a high grain throughput and the ability to handle tough stalks and heavy plant materials.

“We’ve ‘super sized’ the harvest capacity, capability and efficiency of our R6 series machines to deliver all the performance without all the physical size, weight and complexity,” reports Kevin Bien, combine product marketing manager. “The result is the Gleaner S7 series at just 31,000 lbs., the lightest Class 6 and 7 rotary combines on the market.”

The new series also features a Sisu Power 8.4 CWA-4V liquid-cooled, turbocharged engine that is Interim Tier 4 compliant. AGCO calls its Tier 4 engine technology with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) “e3.” The new Gleaner combines require a separate tank for a urea (diesel exhaust fluid) solution to treat the emissions. The engine is mounted in the rear for better weight distribution, less noise and easy service access.

Bien says the 330-bu. grain bin on the S77 model is the largest standard bin in the industry. Owners may upgrade to a 390-bu. bin.

The new Gleaner features a 30-in. transverse rotor that is positioned transversely instead of axially. As a result, crop material flows naturally through the combine for improved performance and productivity. It also features a two-stage cleaning process.

 AGCO designed the combine with the least number of belts, chains, augers and gear drives possible to reduce potential for parts to wear or break.

The Fieldstar II yield-monitoring system is standard in the new Gleaner models. Owners may add other satellite-assisted steering systems in their new Gleaners.

Suggested list prices of the Gleaner S7 series range from $319,000 to $365,165. For more information, visit www. or, or circle 102.


High-clearance RoGators

Five new high-clearance RoGators from AGCO Application Equipment are available for 2011. The new models range in size from 250 hp with a 900-gal. tank to 311 hp with a 1,300-gal. tank.

The main feature of the new RoGators is an all-new drive system with two-piece construction. The system includes a hydraulic motor and a separate gear reduction hub. As a result, AGCO says, the sprayers can deliver more power efficiently and with less wear on hydrostatic components.

Another benefit of the new drive system is that the sprayers can run at lower engine speeds in transport, resulting in lower fuel consumption and a quieter ride. The five new models all have seven speed ranges. Top road speed is 33 and 36 mph. Four boom options are available, from 80 to 120 ft. wide with tip and full boom breakaway.

Base price of a 994 sprayer (900 gal.) starts at $220,000. For more information, visit or, or circle 103.


Five-section disc harrow

The AGCO seed and tillage division introduces a new Sunflower 1550 series five-section disc harrow. According to AGCO’s Rick Dugan, this disk is the widest and heaviest in the industry. It is designed for the professional producer who needs to cover a lot of acres, especially acres of tough cornstalks.

The 50-ft.-wide disk weighs 33,300 lbs., which translates to 230 lbs./24-in. blade cutting through the soil. The heavy implement is equipped with walking triple tandems to handle the extra weight. 

The new Sunflower disc harrow also features duplex wing hinges that provide two pivot points on the wings. This feature helps the disc gangs work together while allowing some flex to account for contours in the field.

The disk folds down to 18 ft. 2 in. wide and 13 ft. 11 in. in height. Suggested retail price is $110,000. For more information, visit or, or circle 104.


Vehicle-tracking system

AGCO also introduces AgCommand, the latest vehicle-tracking system for agricultural tractors. AgCommand helps a farm operator monitor machine locations, operation and efficiency in real time (see “Telematics 2.0,” page 32). To learn more, visit

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