2012 FinOvation Product of the Year: Geringhoff folding header

2012 FinOvation Product of the Year: Geringhoff folding header

Farm Industry News announced its 2012 FinOvation awards at the National Farm Machinery Show on Thursday, Feb. 15. For the first time in FinOvation history, readers were allowed to vote for their favorite product of all 22 award winners online at www.farmindustrynews.com. Raking in 2,029 votes, the clear winner was the Geringhoff Northstar 2420 folding combine head.

When Geringhoff demonstrated its Northstar 2420 combine head at Farm Progress in 2010, the crowds filled in to watch it unfold and fold. The 20-in.-row, 24-row header is the widest folding combine head in the United States. The operator needs only to push a button in the combine cab to fold or unfold the header. The combine head features Geringhoff’s knife-to-knife technology for cutting. Aemsco, a North Dakota-based company, is distributing it for Geringhoff in the U.S. Base price is $180,000.

Galleries of all 22 FinOvation winners can be found here:




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