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Duals have their place on tractors, so why not on ATVs? A small company in Ankeny, IA, is selling a product it calls Clic ATV dual wheels. The kit adds two extra wheels to the back wheels of most four-wheel ATVs. An additional kit can put duals on front too. The company says ATV duals improve stability, flotation and traction. Demonstrations at farm shows often show how a dual-clad ATV can pull more before the wheels start to spin.

The wheels come off as easily as they install. A Quick-Clic universal mounting base allows field installation without tools. A turn of the release handles dismounts the Clic wheel from the base, converting the ATV back to standard four-wheel mode. An optional storage bracket mounts to the back of the ATV and allows the driver to store up to two duals on the ATV.

Price is $895/set. Contact Dual Concepts, 2414 N.W. School St., Ankeny, IA 50021, 515/306-1028, visit or, or circle 192.

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