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Chemicals priced nationally

Bayer Agriculture Division will give several of its chemical products the same price nationally under a new plan called BayerValue. The company plans to set a national price and retain ownership of the products until they are purchased by customers. Local retailers will still handle the sales, service and warehousing of the products, and Bayer will reimburse them for their services.

Bayer currently is signing up retailers for its new program. Products included in the program are Domain, Axiom, Axiom AT, Epic, Everest and Aztec. According to Scott Fleetwood, Bayer marketing manager, the products will be priced at fair market value.

Bayer plans to use a bar coding system to track all the chemicals, which should improve inventory management.

The program also should cut the amount of Bayer chemicals offered at a discount on the Internet. Excess chemicals sometimes end up on an Internet site for sale at a reduced price. Growers see this discounted price and ask their own retailers to match it. Bayer hopes that retaining ownership of its products, rather than selling them to retailers, will help stop this practice.

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