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Herbicide additives Improve the performance of postemergent herbicides with either of these new adjuvants. Both contain ammonium sulfate (AMS), which can provide a more uniform spray droplet that will cling better to the surface of weed leaves.

In a study conducted at Ohio State University, Array, manufactured by Intec, had a spray retention of 93%. Contact Intec, Dept. FIN, 700 S.W. 291 Hwy., Suite 204, Liberty, MO 64068, 877/818-4400.

AlliedSignal's Sulf-N-Forcer may be tankmixed with any postemergent herbicide that specifies AMS on the label, including Liberty on Liberty-Link corn and Synchrony on Synchrony-tolerant soybeans. Contact Allied Signal Inc., Dept. FIN, AMS Mrktg. Group, Box 1559, Hopewell, GA 23860, 800/446-4834.

Foam guidance RHS claims its new marking system, Outback Premium, is taking foam guidance to a new level. It's designed to run cooler for longer spraying intervals. You can change foam density from the cab. Model 10 delivers 10 gpm and withstands harsh wind and sun and high speeds. It has an average drop interval of 2.4 sec. Model 6 offers 6 gpm with an average drop interval of 4_1/2 sec. and works well under 12 mph. Prices: model 6, $1,800; model 10, $2,600. Contact RHS Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 394, Hiawatha, KS 66434, 800/247-3808.

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