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MAINTAIN A FULL CHARGE on your farm equipment with battery chargers from John Deere. The farm equipment manufacturer's new line of chargers includes six different models.

The Speed-Smart charges batteries up to two times faster than conventional chargers do. It is equipped with a built-in sensing unit to monitor charging so the batteries are charged at maximum rates without gassing and overheating. Price: $144.

A battery jump starter with DC power will start up to 30 vehicles without recharging. Price: $140.

A wheeled battery charger/engine starter with voltmeter is equipped with a cooling fan and deeply louvered ventilation. The manual battery charger with engine start and timer provides high output for 6v and 12v batteries. Price: $280.

Other new battery chargers range from $49.50 to $174. Contact your local John Deere dealer, visit or, or circle 194.

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