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Ever green for the season

Brand Marketing has taken on a whole new life for the popular John Deere brand. Virtually every type of clothing and accessory can now be found with the John Deere logo on it and in the familiar green color. Plus, the apparel is sold around the world.

Just in time for Christmas, Deere's apparel and accessories group sent out a bundle of new items now available from the company's licensees. The items include sturdy work boots, attractive leather wallets with the John Deere logo, children's socks, new hats, T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts. Suppliers include well-known companies like Dan Post Boot Company for the boots (, Gem Dandy for the belts and wallets (, Renfro Corporation for the socks, and Success and Equipment Apparel for the sportswear and hats.

You can purchase the John Deere apparel and accessories from many John Deere equipment dealerships. You also can find them at Web sites and specialty stores, as well as in major stores like JC Penney, Cracker Barrel, Mills Fleet Farm, Blain's Farm and Fleet, and Tractor Supply.

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