The biggest misconceptions about farmers

The biggest misconceptions about farmers

What are misconceptions people have about farmers? We asked Team FIN farmers to refute the following common misconceptions. If you have something to add, please send it to [email protected]

Farmers love hogging the roads with equipment.
"No, they are nervous that they might cause an accident.”

Confinement is bad for animals.
"Confinement saves baby animals from predators and saves baby pigs from being crushed by their mothers. It also eliminates sow fighting.”

Sprayers are full of herbicide or insecticide.
"Sprayers usually contain 1% or less of the chemical being used, which is just enough to do the job.”

Farm programs only benefit farmers.
"The same legislation also finances school lunch programs and food assistance programs such as WIC and food stamps.”

Farmers don’t work in the winter.
"We really do work in winter. To prove this, we keep extra scoop shovels on hand for visitors when we haul out grain in January and February.”

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