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Business of buying

Help for the business weary

Need a business plan to pull your farm operation through low-profit times? The Farm Management and Business Planning Seminar, an intensive, two-day program, will help you write a solid business plan. You'll learn how to calculate operating efficiency and capital management and develop a risk management plan. Expert ag economists and management consultants will lead the seminar, which is sponsored by Deere & Company and Farm Industry News.

The seminar will be held February 26 to 28, 2002, in Kansas City, MO. Cost is $295. Sign up on, call 800/383-1423 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Company financing at home

Syngenta is offering a financing option that provides low-interest rates through local banks. The option, called Community Choice, is part of the Syngenta Seeds Finance Program. Customers may access competitive loan rates through an interest “buy-down” program at participating banks. The company will test the program this winter in the upper Midwest.

Bundled pricing

Pioneer Hi-Bred International and DuPont have rolled out an expanded financing program for seed and crop protection purchases. Growers meeting the purchase qualifications may finance the seed and an expanded list of crop protection products at 2.5% below prime. Those growers meeting only the seed or the crop protection requirement may finance at 1% below prime. In addition, producers may sign on to a Performance Plus weed control program, which reimburses a grower for failed weed control if the grower followed label directions. Reimbursement matches the respray cost.

Bt corn reapproved

Bt corn received a new thumbs-up from the EPA. The corn genetically modified to control European corn borer recently earned a seven-year reregistration. The EPA said scientific evidence shows Bt corn does not adversely affect human health or the monarch butterfly population.

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