Odorless, quiet shop heater

Odorless, quiet shop heater

The Val 6 heater is a virtually odorless, quiet heater that converts diesel fuel into infrared light. It heats physical surfaces rather than the air. Developed in Japan, the Val 6 typically burns less than 1 gal. of diesel/hr. compared to the 2 gal./hr. rate of other typical heaters, and runs on about 100W of electricity. Annual savings on diesel can top $840, depending on fuel prices and hours of use.

WasherSystems of Iowa is one of a number of dealers offering the Val 6 Infrared Shop Heater. Available in several sizes (51,800 Btu/hr., 111,000 Btu/hr., and 100,000 to 140,000 Btu/hr.), the most popular model retails for $1,995. For more information, call Easy Clean Systems at 800/292-3279, or visit www.val6heater.com


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