New Red Power hydraulic pump opens large Schweiss doors

New Red Power hydraulic pump opens large Schweiss doors

Schweiss Doors has developed a new, powerful hydraulic pump system called Red Power to open and close its large doors. The Red Power hydraulic pump is available in a compact unit, ready for mounting where the buyer wants it. It may be installed on a wall, or mounted top-hung, set on the floor, or located in a back room.

The pump is powered with a Leeson motor. The pump system features a Safety Advantage System and three back-up systems, which allow the door to lock up anddown, and safely lower the door in an emergency from ground level. Plus, the hydraulic directional control valve has a built-in manual override. The back-up systems are located on the same compact unit. In the case of electrical failure, an operator can use a DC battery, tractor hydraulic or a drill to raise or lower the door.

Red Power hydraulic pumps come in 2-hp to 10 hp units. Contact Schweiss Doors, 800/746-8273, or

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