It39s a new way to look at farming as producers fire up unmanned aerial vehicles and video the work they39re doing

It's a new way to look at farming as producers fire up unmanned aerial vehicles and video the work they're doing.

Viewing farming from a new angle for 2014

We've become a visual culture and farmers are no different. Smart phones, or high-end video cameras allow us to snap quick pictures of ourselves known as selfies, and you're documenting the 2014 season in new ways too. I took a little time to round up a few videos from drones or using other tools to share, which you can watch on the next few pages.

The trend is to show the farm at work from new angles and new ways, some use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), some use a high end camera called a GoPro, which can be connected anywhere to capture images. The first video is a GoPro effort from Indiana. And if you need to know more about UAVs, check out the range of tools available.

Aaron Bobeck is a Google+ acquaintance who captures interesting video on the farm. Based in Indiana, Bobeck has posted an interesting planting image from this planting season - in fact it goes by pretty fast. He uses the GoPro camera to capture planting from a different angle.

Buffett Farms

Howard W. Buffett, son of Howard Buffett, the Illinois philanthropist and farmer, produced a video showing just what goes on at the farm. It uses an unmanned aerial system and interesting camera angles to show the 2014 planting system.

And Buffett talks about the work that's going on in the video and explaining to the novice, non-ag viewer just what is happening in the video you're watching. The short vid did originally appear on AgDay, but showed up in final form on YouTube this week. Check it out below.

Shoot video while you work

Another Indiana Farmer, Brian Scott, Scott Farms, likes shooting video while he works. This spring he broke out his rotary hoe for some work, and shot video of the machine in action. The low-angle GoPro video offers an up-close-and-personal look at the John Deere machine at work.

It's another example of how farmers are sharing their work in new ways. 

Hay raking from the air

Judi Graff, Graff Land & Livestock, likes shooting and editing video too. She uses the GoPro camera and has her own UAV to get above the work as well. Hay raking can be a mundane task, even if it is a job where you can see your progress…all day. Graff posted a video to YouTube showing hay raking from the air using a UAV.

While the UAV will also help farmers gather data in the future, this spring they are a great way to see farms at work too.

Chatting about UAVs

The folks at Market to Market - an Iowa Public Television Show ran a story about UAV use that looks at agriculture's potential benefit from using the tool as well. You can check out the entire story below, which includes a chat with Chad Colby,, who has become a voice for UAV use in agriculture. The story looks at how companies, and universities, are looking at ways to use the technology as well. The piece includes some great video imagery from UAVs too.

Colby is a features speaker at the upcoming Precision Aerial Ag Show, July 9 and 10, in Decatur, Ill., at Progress City, the Illinois site of the Farm Progress Show. Learn more about that UAV-flying event at

Setting up a quad copter

Aerial Media Pros posted a video earlier this month where they showed the Ag Pro Scout quad copter in action. The 14-min video offers a step-by-step look at setting the unit up and showing it in action. There's some good video from the UAV itself in the image as well. If you want an introduction into the key points of running one of these tools this little video can help.

The host even offers a shout out to Chad Colby from who's company name is actually on the Ag Pro Scout unit. Check out that video below.

Ag from a different angle

YouTube has a growing list of UAV-made videos. The one below was posted by "jascoop1984" who says he did a remix of aerial footage his father shot during planting this year. It just shows you ag from a different angle, the music is a nice touch. Folks in agriculture are a talented bunch. While the video has had very little attention, it's only been up a week, check it out.

Winter wheat, disking and cows

These videos are providing non-farm viewers a look at farming from a new angle too. This video from Cartee Farms in Scioto County, Ohio offers a great look at farming from the air, including an assessment of the 2014 winter wheat crop, a little disking, and even checking out the cows. The five-minute video offers. The "narrator" of this video has some fun with comment titles in the video, but even shows that "Bill" doesn't have a perfectly smooth day disking.

The bird's eye view offers an interesting look at 2014 fieldwork for this Ohio operation.

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