Slow corn harvest and best-ever soybean yields

We have had plenty of rain in this part of NW Ohio since mid-August. It has made crops mature later and slowed down the harvest. Commercial tomato growers mudded out their crops. The soybean harvest around here is about 60% done and corn harvest is about 40% done. Wheat planting has not been completed. This year is shaping up a lot like last year when only about 50% of the wheat was planted and combines made ruts everywhere. The difference is this year it rains, and about a day later it is dry enough to work in the fields because of the extreme drought earlier in the summer. Our soybeans on our farm are shaping up to be the best ever. One of our fields made over 80 bu./acre with a well calibrated yield monitor showing patches up to 106 bu./acre. We have only harvested one field of corn; we are getting less than half of our usual yield with several bushels of corn left on the ground from dropped ears. Hopefully some of our other fields will do better.  Most of my summer was spent recovering from a tractor roll over. I spent three weeks in the hospital and several more weeks passed before I could walk unassisted. I would say I am 75% recovered. I don't do any jumping on and off tractors or the combine and I don't do any heavy lifting. I got some good counseling, I have a highly supportive wife, and I had the prayers and well wishes of many people, even people I don't know who heard about the accident on TV, radio or in the newspapers. The rest of our summer was spent cleaning up and fixing up after the windstorm we had in late June. Most of the neighbors are in the same situation. We are finding all kinds of debris in our fields as we are combining. 

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