Major wind damage on NW Ohio farm

We had lots of damage to our farm buildings from the June 20 windstorm. An airport nearby clocked wind gusts up to 121 mph with sustained winds of 90 mph for over half an hour.  One of my grain bins imploded. I had over $100,000 of damage. We had to function without power until late on July 5 when the electrician could get all the outside wires reconnected. We moved all the pigs out of our confinement building and put them in an old barn. We watered them in plastic 50-gallon fountains and hauled the water in from a neighbor's farm.

I have been recovering from a tractor accident so I was unable to be of much help with all the work we had to do. Through it all we only got about 0.3 or 0.4 in. of rain, which was really disappointing especially as the temperatures were well over 100 most of the time. We are really starting to worry about what the size of our corn crop will be. We still think the soybeans have good potential. 

To read Daryl's account of his tractor accident, click here.

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