Land is selling in NW Ohio; tillage underway

The soil in the latter part of November was dry in NW Ohio. There was less than 1 in. of rain in the whole month of November. My Case IH dealer said he never saw so many tillage replacement parts go out the door. Everyone was interested in taking out the ruts that they put in the fields in September and October. Lots of vertical tillage finishing tools have been sold in the last year and everyone who had them was out working ground with them. Everyone is interested in putting their mark on fields they have rented to discourage others from making offers to the landowners. The most popular vertical tool around here is the Case IH disk. It is heavy, it works well and it is priced a little less than most of its competition. People from all over are coming in my neighborhood trying to rent ground. A good amount of ground has been sold, as landowners want to cash in on the high prices. A farm near mine sold for $10,000 an acre. It was a 56-acre plot with no buildings.

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