Getting back to normal, plus tractor photos from the fair

Getting back to normal, plus tractor photos from the fair

The rainwater has receded but it will take several days before anything can move in the fields. The airplanes are spraying the tomatoes that are grown around here. They have to be sprayed every 7 – 10 days all the way to harvest. Some fields have been ruined and some soybean fields have not been planted yet. The wet weather hasn’t really helped with the price of corn and soybeans and wheat. 

It is county fair week here so we had a tractor in a parade on Saturday and we will take a tractor to a tractor show on Monday and then go to a patriotic musical concert in the evening. 

Some photos from the fair can be seen below. From Daryl: "Instead of taking a 4020 to the parade and tractor show like I usually do, I thought I would mix it up this year and take my Allis Chalmers 7060."

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