December chores


Planting & harvest season seem like "down time" compared to the daily task load of dozens of little jobs that commence at daybreak. Today I skipped breakfast, fed cattle. Fixed fence, welded a gate, did corn planter maintenance, sold some corn and soybeans, bought 25 tons of wet corn gluten feed, traded tractors, skipped lunch, sorted cattle, treated a heifer with a sore foot, and wondered if I am the only farmer in the neighborhood that has 2 flat tires in the same day. Evenings are my favorite time of day in December. I emerge from my short / compressed day in front of the TV in time to watch the evening news which I enjoy. Sitting in front of the TV gives me a guilt feeling akin to feeling like a sluggard, so I catch up on farm related reading to justify my "feet up" existence. An August 2011 magazine issue that had gone unread until now was talking about $7 corn.


The weather has been chilly (not cold) & wet. Snow has been limited to a light dusting which had melted by the next day. Windshields & vehicles look just like the roads we drive on — brown. My tractor windshield was so dirty I nearly ran into a bin full of corn with the forklift attachment — yikes.

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