Corn and soybean crop off to solid start; machinery sales up in NW Ohio

We got kind of a slow start planting in NW Ohio but now have some of the nicest corn and soybeans that we have ever raised. I have friends who live Napoleon, Ohio. Last year it was absolutely bone dry there. Some of the soybeans that were planted in May didn't emerge until mid-August. Now this year, they have absolutely beautiful crops. It rained every day last week and we needed every bit that we got. Rains have been spotty. I have heard reports from my relatives in north central Pennsylvania that they didn't get any rain while at the same moment only a few miles away a house was washed off its foundation and the owner was swept away and drown. In a town about 40 miles east of where I live they had 4 in. of rain in one day and we only had a few tenths. Next on the agenda is wheat harvest as soon as the rains stop. 

Lots of farm ground has sold in the last year - more than I can ever remember. My John Deere dealer and my New Holland dealer have told me that sales have been excellent. Both have waiting lists for large machinery.

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