Cold, wet weather in northwest Ohio

We have had lots of rain and cold temperatures in NW Ohio. I think all the wheat got top dressed and lots of anhydrous ammonia was put on corn ground before the rains came. I've planted some oats and alfalfa. I've taken my wife to the Cleveland Clinic four times in the last month. I take Route 224 which crosses northern Ohio. I've been disappointed as I haven't seen a single field planted to a cover crop. I look at each farm along the way as closely as I can while I drive. There are lots of new pole barns that have gone up in the last couple years. Farms along the way range from immaculate to totally run down and abandoned. One thing that is sad is the lack of names on mail boxes or signs identifying the owner of the farm. 50 years ago nearly everyone had their names on their mail boxes. I have been trying to sell some hay and straw. I put an ad in my local newspaper but have gotten very little response. I think everyone has been using Craigslist. The newspaper has been getting thinner and thinner every month and the number of ads has really gone down.

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The drought is over in Ohio

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