Buyer's guide to vertical tillage equipment

Vertical tillage is one of the most clicked on topics on our web site, and, according to equipment dealers I’ve talked with lately, one of the most sought-after tools on their lots. Farmers are looking for ways to deal with all of the cornstalks in their fields once the crop is harvested. Pulling hybrid disc-coulters on these machines can be a fast way to slice up the remains and, depending on the blade angle, lightly mix with soil to expedite decomposition. And they can do it at speeds as high as 12 mph.

The same tools can be used again in spring to open up the ground and give the soil a warm-prior to planting. Growers report they can start planting a little earlier as a result.

A few years back we showed you more than a dozen of the brands available. Manufacturers have continued to refine this equipment and make it bigger so that you can cover up to 40 ft. or more in a single pass.

Here’s a refresher on some of the models on the market if you plan on buying one. Click on the manufacturer websites to see their latest models.

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