Beginning to harvest weak crops

Some of the corn here is ready to harvest. The stalks are extremely weak. Most of the soybeans are going to need two to four weeks before they are ready so people will be changing their headers back and forth from corn to beans. I tried to buy a Drago corn header but they are all sold out. The header excels in saving small ears so lots of people have bought them this year.  I am sure there is a lot of demand for draper soybean headers because of all the short soybean plants. The draper headers convey the crop in much more smoothly than the auger headers especially in short soybeans. We are still busy cleaning up and fixing up from this summer's windstorm. Next week we will build a bin to replace the one that was destroyed in the windstorm.

I have been watching the television program on the National Geographic channel about the Hutterites of King Colony in Montana. It is extremely interesting and, at times, entertaining. It is a documentary of the daily lives of the 59 people who live communally on that farm. Their history dates back to Reformation times in Europe and they have a lot in common with Mennonites (my family background).

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