Dow AgroSciences unveils new herbicide-tolerant trait system

Dow AgroSciences has announced the Enlist Weed Control System, which is a herbicide tolerant trait system that provides tolerance to a new 2,4-D product as well as glyphosate tolerance. Pending regulatory approval, commercial launch of the product in corn is anticipated in 2013, with other crops to soon follow.

"In a recent grower survey, 96 percent of growers said they wanted a system that improves on the glyphosate-tolerant system they have integrated into their operations," says Damon Palmer, Dow AgroSciences U.S. commercial leader, Enlist Weed Control System. "Enlist Weed Control System will offer growers new technology to enable them to advance modern farming."

The company says the new technology will be available in elite germplasm and be stacked with the glyphosate-tolerant trait as well as insect-resistant traits.
More information is available on the web at:

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