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Green products for the farm

Plant health

BIO-FORGE, FROM StollerUSA, is a yield-enhancing product that works with the plant's natural ability to overcome toxins, balance growth hormones, and increase resistance to disease and insects. StollerUSA also offers a line of nutrients and yield-enhancing products that are approved for organic production.

Because all of Stoller's genetic expression technology focuses on plant health, its plant empowerment products are inherently green. In addition, many of Stoller's products decrease a farm's environmental impact by reducing the amount of chemicals used and the number of times equipment goes across the field.

Contact StollerUSA, Dept. FIN, 4001 W. Sam Houston Pkwy., Houston, TX 77043, 800/539-5283, visit or, or circle 123.

Biological seed treatment

BAYER CROPSCIENCE will launch Votivo, a biological seed treatment in corn, soybeans and cotton, for the 2011 season. Votivo creates a living barrier around plant roots so nematodes have limited access to feed. The formulation places endospores of the bacteria directly on the seed. When that seed is planted, the endospores germinate. Votivo provides protection to withstand early season nematode feeding, when damage potential is highest.

The company plans to conduct research trials throughout the Midwest during the 2010 growing season. For more information, visit

Diesel generator

NEXT GENERATION Power has a diesel generator compressor that produces 20 cfm at 150 psi and 5.5 kW of electrical power with an average fuel consumption of less than ¼ gal./hr. Operating at a mid-speed 2,800 rpm for less noise, vibration and wear, it employs a durable, water-cooled, 2-cyl. Kubota engine. An advanced vortex combustion system creates greater energy output with less fuel consumption and cleaner-burning exhaust.

Prices begin at $4,995. For more information, visit or, or circle 124.


DAYLIGHTING USES skylights and lighting controls to let natural light into a building. The Baylight prismatic skylight, from Bay Insulation Systems, is a dome-shaped skylight that maximizes lighting performance at low sun angles, extending the lighting more hours of the day. It reduces up to 75% of daytime electric lighting, reducing energy bills.

The Baylight SL (strip light) is 2 ft. wide, comes in varying lengths, and is primarily designed for use with standing seam roof panels, either new construction or retrofit.

Prices for the 20200 (2- × 20-ft.) strip light units start at $1,490. Contact Bay Insulation Systems, Dept. FIN, 2929 Walker Dr., Green Bay, WI 54308, 800/442-8464, visit or, or circle 125.

Biobased lubricant

LUBRIMAGIC, A premium quality, biobased, all-purpose lubricant and penetrant from Plews/Edelmann, is made from a vegetable-based formula that is biodegradable and has four times the natural lubricity of petroleum-based products. LubriMagic provides lubrication for tractors, combines, conveyor belts, power tools, gears and farm machinery. It also is an effective rust inhibitor.

Prices start at $3.89 for a 12-oz. aerosol can. For more information, call Plews/Edelmann at 800/545-1689, visit or, or circle 126.

Wind power

BTI WIND Energy and the Harvest the Wind Network have unveiled a full lineup of wind turbines.

The Endurance Wind Power S-250 is designed for small to medium-sized homes in the United States. The turbine generally offsets the electricity needs of home-owners and families who consume 10,000 to 15,000 kW-hr./yr. The S343 is engineered to produce 15,000 to 20,000 kW-hr./yr. in adequate wind regimes. The E3120 is designed for small commercial use and can produce from 195,000 to 240,000 kW-hr./yr. of output requiring a three-phase connection.

The suggested retail price for the S-250 is $28,995, without maintenance agreement, shipping or installation. Contact BTI Wind Energy, Dept. FIN, 15477 U.S. 54 Highway, Greensburg, KS 67054, 888/723-3331, visit or, or circle 127.

Solar power units

SUNPODS DESIGNED its SP-500 SunPods Agriculture and Remote Site Power systems to provide solar power for agricultural wells, irrigation, and water distribution systems. The units arrive fully assembled and require no site preparation such as footings or grading.

The SunPods SP-500 power platform is specifically engineered for grid-connected or off-grid agricultural power on demand. At off-the-grid remote sites, the SP-500 power system is a simple, cost-effective solar power solution to replace fuel-powered generators.

System prices start at $11,500. Call SunPods at 408/689-2446, visit or, or circle 128.

Daylight controls

AUTOMATIC DAYLIGHT control products from WattStopper measure the level of daylight or the overall combined natural and electric light levels and then control lighting by switching or dimming selected lights in one or multiple zones to achieve optimum lighting. WattStopper's products may be integrated with other lighting controls, including occupancy sensors or scheduled controls.

Prices range from $60 to $150 per device. Call WattStopper at 800/879-8585, visit or, or circle 129.

Propane-powered mowers

EXMARK'S TURF Tracer Propane mower is powered by a 24-hp Kawasaki engine with a propane fuel system conforming to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code. It features a dual fuel lock off for added safety (activated by low vacuum and oil pressure).

The Turf Tracer Propane is available with a 52- or 60-in. cutting deck. It features an enhanced control system, as well as a heavy-duty canister air filtration system, which improves engine life, simplifies maintenance and boosts overall productivity. Suggested retail price: $7,499 for the 24-hp, electric-start tractor unit. Circle 130.

Exmark's propane-ready Lazer Z is powered by a 29-hp Kawasaki V-twin, governed to 3,750 rpm. Its propane fuel system also conforms to NFPA Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code and has dual fuel lock off. It is available with a 60- or 72-in. cutting deck and features a full-floating, UltraCut series 6 5.5-in.-deep deck design. Prices start at $13,499. Circle 131.

Contact Exmark Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Box 808, Beatrice, NE 68310, 402/223-6300, or visit or

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