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Better Seedbed Prep

Producers can more precisely meet zone tillage equipment needs thanks to Brillion’s addition of four-, six- and eight-shank models to its STP-30 strip-till system lineup. Individual row units are set on 30-in. centers. Each row unit features a double coulter with 20-in. fluted blades. This unique double-lead coulter design cuts and sizes residue while preparing a 10-in.-wide strip to warm the soil faster than narrow slots do.

A narrow, ¾-in. shank on an automatic reset mount follows the double-lead coulters at a depth of 6 to 10 in. The shank can be equipped with fertilizer injection equipment to apply liquid or dry fertilizer in the strip directly under the seed. A pair of adjustable closing coulters follows the shank to bring loose soil back into the strip. A 20-in. rolling basket helps firm the strip for optimum planting performance. Brillion recommends tractor requirements of 20 to 30 hp per shank.

Prices of the STP-30 strip-till system range from $18,000 to $34,000. Contact Brillion Iron Works, Dept. FIN, Box 127, Brillion, WI 54110, 800/409-9749, visit

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