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HEADSIGHT, A provider of performance corn header control systems, claims its new Foresight software increases header control responsiveness, threshing efficiency and field speeds. The company says the software also reduces header-to-ground contact, header damage, component wear and combine dirt intake. According to the company, all makes of corn header height-control sensors lose up to 75% of their ability to sense terrain changes when snout tips contact the ground. Foresight recognizes when this occurs and restores this lost performance.

Foresight is optional on all Headsight corn header control systems and is available for use with most other brands of sensors. Prices for Foresight start at $500. Contact Headsight Inc., Dept. FIN, 3529 Fir Rd., Bremen, IN 46506, 574/546-5022, visit or, or circle 150.

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