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UPGRADE your grain-handling facilities with a new bin sweep and a new conveyor from Sudenga Industries. The new Series II commercial bin sweep with an automated controller allows total cleanout of the bin without personnel inside. The Sweep Control Sensor monitors the amperage load placed on the motor by the sweep auger and automatically stops forward movement of the push tractor when amperage load exceeds its ideal operating window.

The sweeps feature a triangular “flow-through” truss design with a galvanized back shield. Grain flows through the sweep, filling the structure to make it self-supporting. The 12-in. model handles up to 6,500 bu./hr. and starts at $14,500. Circle 197.

Sudenga's new 4012 low-profile drag conveyor lets you quickly set up any bin to move high volumes of grain into storage. The compact conveyor can be installed on grade, eliminating the need for a grain dump pit. It requires a trough only 44 in. wide x 18 in. deep and can handle 10,000 bu./hr. Prices start at $12,500. Circle 196.

Contact Sudenga Industries, Dept. FIN, Box 8, George, IA 51237, 888/783-3642, or visit or

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