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Versatile fertilizer injection toolbar Blu-Jet's AT5100 fertilizer injection toolbar is available in 30-ft., 42-ft. 5-in., 45-ft. and 50-ft. models with row spacings of 15, 30 and 36 in. with or without coulters. A 750-gal. tank for dual placement or liquid application is available. The tire-driven pump drive is capable of precise application using the company's GDI 200 for anhydrous ammonia and/or piston pump for liquid. The wings fold a full 115ø for reduced transport height and a transport width of 16 1/2 ft. on 30-in. odd spacing. The machine comes with a 5-year frame warranty. Prices start at $19,150. Contact Thurston Mfg. Co., Blu-Jet, Dept. FIN, Hwy. 87A, Thurston, NE 68062-0218, 402/385-3041, or circle 217.

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