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High-performance forage harvester Claas of America claims that its Jaguar 900 harvester, which will be available for the 2001 corn harvest, is the largest, self-propelled forage harvester in the world. It's priced at $296,991 with all the options, including heavy-duty cutting drum, corn cracker, feed roller, 4-wd and 30.5-32 tires.

A Mercedes 600-hp V-8 engine with electronic-controlled fuel injection powers the machine. Claas also includes an automatic overdrive transmission, high-capacity cooling system and 283-gal. fuel tank.

The cab provides operator comfort and convenience along with an unobstructed view of the field. A 6- or 8-row corn header and 10- or 12 1/2-ft.-wide hay pickup head may be purchased for the harvester. Contact Claas of America Inc., Dept. FIN, 3030 Norcross Dr., Columbus, IN 47202, 812/342-4441, or circle 209.

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