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Beating bugs

Dow AgroSciences describes its Proaxis insecticide as being an advanced-technology pyrethroid product offering broad-spectrum insect control in multiple crops, including corn, soybeans and small grains and alfalfa. The company states that, because Proaxis contains pure isomer technology, it provides quick knockdown of a broad spectrum of insect pests at a rate of active ingredient that is lower than that of previous generations of pyrethroids. This technology also reduces temperature sensitivity for the product, providing greater efficacy at higher temperatures, according to the company.

Proaxis insecticide will be available in a water-based, capsule suspension formulation that results in easier handling and better coverage. Proaxis is manufactured for Pytech Chemicals GmbH, which was formed through a joint venture between Dow AgroSciences and Cheminova. Dow AgroSciences will be the exclusive U.S. seller of the product.

For more information, contact your local ag chemical retailer, visit, or circle 197.

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