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Bead breaker

Make quick work of changing tires - on ATVs and loaders as well as largetractors and combines - in the field or in the shop with Farmex'sBead-Cheata bead breaker.

You don't need to remove the wheel when using the tool, which can save timeand also lower the risk of losing or stripping lug nuts and bolts. Thebreaker has a tongue that locks under the rim of the wheel; two othertongues push the bead into the well of the wheel. The tongues are forcedinto position with a hammer used on the built-in strike plate. Adjusterscrews, combined with a cam-locking device, securely clamp a variety ofrims and wheels. Price: $150. Contact Farmex Inc., Dept. FIN, 1205 DannerDr., Aurora, OH 44202, 800/821-9542.

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