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AUTOFARM'S AutoSteer System now moves more easily across different tractors, sprayers, combines and brands with its new ISO standards-based architecture. The architecture, built using CAN bus technology, expands the system's compatability with other manufacturers' equipment. This means that the AutoFarm system can host other applications and can be deployed on other manufacturers' monitors.

AutoFarm's real-time kinematic (RTK) AutoSteer System is the most precise GPS available, with sub-inch accuracy. The system is built with three components: a large 10.4-in. color touch-screen terminal; a multi-antenna GPS roof module with Logic7D technology; and a base station. The roof module is easily transferred to other equipment. The base station is available either as a portable model, for fast and easyy setup, or as a tower-mounted station for extended range. A single base station can control several vehicles simultaneously.

Price of the components starts at $25,000 for selected tracked models and goes up to $28,000 for wheeled and articulated vehicles. Price of the base station starts at $6,500 for mobile configurations.

Contact AutoFarm, a Novariant Co., Dept. FIN, 1350 Willow Rd., Suite 202, Menlo Park, CA 94025, 866/428-8632, or or circle 196.

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