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Auto-darkening helmets

New welding helmets from Nassau International boast an array of features to help farmers make safe and accurate welding repairs on equipment.

Solar powered with backup power

The new Focus SZ-2.0A welding helmet is solar powered with a power backup provided by two built-in 3v lithium batteries. No change of batteries is required. A knob on the side of the helmet allows the wearer to adjust shades from 9 to 13, even while welding. The filter darkens in 1/20,000 sec. and provides UV/IR protection in both the light and dark state. When the arc is extinguished, the filter returns to the clear state according to a preset time from 0.25 to 0.8 sec. The outside dimensions of the cassette are 4.33 × 3.5 × 0.35 in. with 5.79 sq. in. of viewing area. List price: $145.

Auto darkening

The new Focus GFM-S with solar power uses two sensors to monitor welding and ensure that the filter remains in the dark state while welding. It needs no batteries. It provides variable darkening between shades 9 to 13 and will darken in 0.0015 sec. It offers UV/IR protection. The helmet is constructed of flame-retardant plastic that is extended lower for throat protection and to reduce fumes in the welder's face. List price: $130.

Battery operated

The Focus HM-2-FG is a battery-operated, auto-darkening welding filter with helmet and headgear. It is powered by two AAA batteries with an expected life of 500 hrs. The on button is on the exterior of the helmet below the shade adjustment knob. It will automatically turn off 15 min. after the last arc. The new helmet offers 5.6 sq. in. of viewing area and will darken in 0.005 sec. while providing UV/IR protection. The wearer may adjust darkening from shades 9 to 13. List price: $115.

For more information, contact Nassau International Inc., Dept. FIN, 24 S. Lafayette Ave., Morrisville, PA 19067, 215/295-0557, visit

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