Video Demo: Check out the new Kawasaki Mule cab transition process

With Kawasaki’s recent launch of the Mule Pro side-by-side vehicle, one of the features that will be hard to beat is its ability to switch from a one-row to a two-row vehicle in a less than a minute. This feature is available on the Mule Pro-DXT, where the T stands for Trans Cab system.

Going from one row to two adds three more seats in back, each with its own seatbelt. Switching back to one row gives you a total of 20 sq. ft. of cargo space (enough to hold a full-size pallet), which Kawasaki says is the largest in the industry.

You’ve really got to see it to believe it, so at the company’s launch event last month, we asked Kawasaki’s Aaron Lach to give us a demo of the conversion process. This particular model featured a hydraulic bed lift, which you can order as an accessory. So set your timer to a minute (plus maybe 45 seconds longer to show you the bed lift). Ready, set, go.

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