Ride and drive: New Bad Boy Stampede 900 SxS

Bad Boy, a name known for its electric powered hunting vehicle called the Bad Boy Buggy, entered the farming market this month with the announcement of its first gas-powered utility vehicle called the Bad Boy Stampede 900.

The manufacturer, Textron Specialized Vehicles, dropped the word “Buggy” from the name to show this SxS vehicle has stepped into the workhorse category with a new gas engine that takes it up to 58 mph.

Farm Industry News had the chance to test this vehicle, one month ahead of its official release date, to see how it performs in a farm-type setting. The ride and drive took place at Cabin Bluff, a hunting resort in Woodbine, GA.  We took the Stampede over some bumpy trails and stretches of dirt and gravel, loaded it up with gravel and wood, and used it to pull a few small farm implements to see how this new SxS stands up to the rigors of farming.

Check out the gallery, but also check out two key videos that offer you an up-close look at the new machine. First, is a quick walk-around of the machine:

And, we offer a rider-experience that provides more information about the new Bad Boy machine.



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