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Kubota's RTV-X Series utility vehicles offer more power, better performance

Kubota's RTV-X Series utility vehicles offer more power, better performance

The new, enhanced line of utility vehicles from Kubota will offer operators an improved experience.

Kubota showed off a new line of utility vehicles at National Farm Machinery Show this year: The RTV-X Series. The RTV-X1120D model shown here features a more powerful 24.8 hp Kubota diesel engine that tops out at 29 mph and offers better climbing power. A variable hydraulic transmission has large oil coolers to boost performance. And the vehicle can haul a lot of gear at a 1,300 lb. towing capacity.

Dynamic braking makes the driver feel more secure when traveling down inclines. The vehicle’s high-rigidity steel frame means the operator hears less noise and feels less vibration. And front and rear independent suspension on all four wheels creates a smoother ride.

The vehicle also offers high ground clearance at 10.4 in., allowing for travel over rough terrain. Hydraulic power steering gives the driver better control. Additional features include under-seat storage compartments, three-point seat belts, alloy wheels, blue-tinted headlights, in-line two-speed shifter, a 1,100 lb. capacity hydraulic dumping cargo box and a large digital meter for reading speed, hours and miles traveled.

The lineup includes three models: The RTV-X900; RTV-X1100C; and the RTV-X1120D. The model shown here is priced at $16,264. Visit

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