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PIVOTAL Fencing Systems has developed a post-and-gate system that lets the driver of an ATV or other four-wheel vehicle drive over electric fencing without getting off to unhook gates. The Pivotal Post ATV gate kit has an electrified shock cord (bungee cord) with a gate handle on one end and an insulator on the other end that screws onto the fence post. The kit also includes a fiberglass post attached to a spring-loaded cast-aluminum base that anchors to the ground by a short length of steel T-post. The shock cord stretches as the operator drives the ATV over the gate, and the spring-loaded post stands back up once the ATV is over the gate. A rider may drive over the gate from any direction. The gate works on openings from 20 to 37 ft. wide.

The kit sells for $105.13. Contact Pivotal Fencing Systems, Dept. FIN, 10092 Cty. Rd. 36, Yuma, CO 80759, 970/848-5500, visit or, or circle 199.

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