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Assisted driving

Drive a straighter line with the new navigation system called True Line Steering Assist from Raven Industries. True Line uses Beeline steering technology and the Raven Viper system to eliminate costly and time-consuming skips and overlaps in fieldwork. Plus, any self-propelled sprayer, tractor or other equipment equipped with the new steering assist program may run up to 20 mph.

True Line is available in three options: WAAS, HP Omnistar and RTK. Depending on the option chosen, the equipment will provide from 9- to 1-in. accuracy. The cost of a True Line system providing sub-meter accuracy is $19,750, and a system providing sub-inch accuracy costs $48,000.

The Raven Viper with a large touch screen is the user interface for True Line. Viper allows operators to use the same device for other in-field tasks and for single- or multiple-product variable rate application and CAN bus capability. Raven reports the system also will be able to wirelessly transmit application maps and data-logged files from the field to a central location.

Growers using True Line report that the system is easy to use because it requires setting just two points and then hitting one button. Operator fatigue is greatly reduced, too, because drivers can steer without using conventional markers.

For more information about True Line Steering Assist, contact Raven Industries at 800/243-5435, visit or

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