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Alternative tillage

NH Savage introduces the Deep Aerator, a machine that attempts to combinethe benefits of no-tilling with the advantages of ripping. The unit has 16-to 22-in. curved spikes on a rotating drum that passes over the ground,punching small slots in the soil surface. The slots pro-vide a passagewaythrough the soil for water and roots.

According to the company, this process is a new way for water and roots tofind their way into the subsoil. The company also claims that the machineleaves the soil surface virtually undisturbed: Nearly 100 percent of the remainingstalks and debris are left. Because the machine does not disturb the soil,it also can be used for pastures and buffer zones. It comes in severaldifferent models, starting at 40 hp. Price: about $8,000. Contact NHSavage, Dept. FIN, 400 Industrial Rd., Madill, OK 73446, 580/795-3394.

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