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To track the latest information about EPA's Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA), visit Bayer's new site at

Chem news SmartBox insecticide delivery system users can now use Aztec 4.67% granular corn soil insecticide, since Bayer recently licensed all U.S. marketing rights for the product to AMVAC Chemical Company. AMVAC also markets Fortress for the SmartBox. Bayer will continue to market Aztec 2.1% G formulation.

Plant 25% less corn and wheat? Iowa commodity broker and farmer David Kruse is heading a cause to use Freedom to Farm's planting flexibility to switch 25% of corn and wheat acres to soybeans. Kruse claims the tradeoff will raise corn and wheat prices and cheapen soybeans to slow South American expansion. For details, call 712/933-9408 or visit

Buy trucks almost direct In an unprecedented partnership between a manufacturer and its dealers, Ford and Ford Division dealers have formed The Web site will allow customers to configure, select, price, finance and initiate the purchase and schedule the delivery of a new car or truck from participating Ford dealers, who will finalize the transaction. "The Internet has become a major force in buying new cars and trucks and in the ownership experience that follows," says Jerry Reynolds, chairman of the national Ford Dealer Council. This new enterprise will be jointly owned and supported by participating Ford Division dealers and Ford Motor Company.

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