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Acoustic grease job

For most farmers, keeping bearings lubricated means pumping the gun until grease squirts out the sides. Now there's a better way. An acoustic control device from UVLM Inc. lets you listen to a machine bearing to determine whether or not it needs more lube. Bearings that don't have enough grease are noisy. Well-lubed bearings are quiet.

The device works once the gun connects at the grease zerk nipple. The operator listens to amplified "acoustic" bearing noise through a headset, discerning problems associated with lack of lubricant or too much lubricant. Both cases greatly shorten the design life of a bearing. No additional procedure is necessary other than to continue to grease components in the normal manner.

The benefits of extended bearing life, reduced grease use and less downtime can add up with a large fleet of combines and tractors, potentially making the Ultra-Lube system's cost of $1,297 a good investment. For more information, contact Ultra-Lube Division, UVLM Inc., Dept. FIN, 815 Sunrise Lane, Centralia, WA 98531, 800/736-3757, or visit

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