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50 years of success

50 years of success

THE BOBCAT has become such a familiar presence at the modern farm that it is difficult to remember a time before its existence. However, it has been only about 50 years since a small Midwest manufacturing company named Melrose first demonstrated its compact loader for the public at the Minnesota State Fair in 1958.

This brief but eventful history of Bobcat is captured in a new book written by Marty Padget and entitled Bobcat Fifty Years. The book is a handsomely illustrated and briskly written history of how an obscure North Dakota company emerged as a world leader through timely innovation and marketing.

The author recounts why farmers could see the benefits of an affordable, compact loader for a multitude of chores. One person could now complete repetitive hauling jobs with a fraction of the time and labor previously needed. Much has changed, but this book demonstrates how one great idea continues to be the basis of 50 years of business success.

Price: $34.95. Contact Motorbooks, Dept. FIN, Box 1, Osceola, WI 54020, 800/826-6600, — John Kestner

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